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I am a constant babbling brook...

spitting out knowledge and idiocy... disaster, delight and disappointment.

Our Lady Of Perpetual Hope...


family shot taken April 6, 2008

I spend a lot of time on the internet, keeping up with friends and family members in other states as well as reading books and magazines, graphic novels, scraps of paper found on the street... anything to keep my mind busy and to help me 'get away' when I'm feeling overwhelmed by daily life and the stress it brings (as well as the boredom).

In addition to being a mother, wife, crafter, photographer, internet junkie and avid reader, I'm also a pet owner. I have two Chinese Crested dogs: Cyrus, a hairless old man without a single tooth, arthritis and acne, and Miss Piggy, a powderpuff ball of energy and fluff, who will bark you from two streets away, but runs and hides if you approach her for affection. Excellent guard dogs, the both of them. Of course.

I have a passion for all animals and cannot live without a pet. In my years I've had more fish than I could count, a multitude of feline friends, which are one of my favorites, a handful of dogs, a parakeet, a cockatiel, a gerbil farm and for a few hours in my teenage years, I even owned a skink lizard... but it escaped somewhere in my house and hopefully made it out alive. It's my goal to eventually own my favorite breed of dog: Italian Greyhound, a sphinx cat as well as a female rat or two. An iguana would be wonderful as well. And a bunny. A ferret, maybe.

I live in Petersburg, Illinois and am more than ready to get out of this place. I crave a big house with a gorgeous green lawn, a wraparound porch with a swing and a screen where I can sit all day and watch my kids and my animals play in a fenced in yard that's safe from the streets but not TOO far away from the city so I don't have to drive an hour and a half just to run some errands. One day, it'll happen.

My husband is a Video Game Artist/Designer as well as working a full time job and making time for us, the family, while he does it all. And he still has time to wash the dishes every other night and sometimes he even gets to play his video games and escape the stresses of HIS everyday life.

In summation, I'm just another chick getting through one day at a time. I suppose I could have said that at the beginning and saved you a lot of reading, but hey... I'm longwinded. Get used to it.

Basically, I ramble a lot.

Since my LJ's start back in 2003, I've turned it mostly Friend's Only for my own personal reasons.
please know that I don't always friend people back.

Take me as I am.
The good, the bad.
The ranting, the venting, the mushy gushy lovey crap.
It's me--whether you like it or not.

I'm not here for your approval, I'm here for my own sanity.
This is my journal and I use it to vent my frustrations most of the time.
Keep that in mind if I happen to offend.

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